How to Convert AVI To WMV Format

AVI To WMV Converter is a professional conversion software.It can convert audio and visual files from AVI to WMV format and from WMV to AVI format.Additionally, it also can convert MP4 to WMV,AVI to MP4,AVI to DVD,WAV to MP3,WMA to MP3,MP4 to MP3,M4A to MP3,AMR to MP3,Flac to MP3,WAV to MP3,WMA to MP3,MP4 to MP3,MP3 to WAV. AVI To WMV converter Ultimate support the converting of all versions of video.  


Functions of this WMV converter:
The functions of this WMV converter is so powerful that it can not only convert AVI to WMV format but also can almost support conversions among all formats of audio and visual files,such as AVI to MP4,AMR to MP3, MP4 to WMV, WMV to MP4, AVI to DVD etc.
Features of AVI To WMV Converter Ultimate:
  • The software finishes its functions without bringing zbout any other additional troubles to your computer.
  • It is very easy and user friendly.Just three steps,it finishes all the conversions.
  • It enables you to convert one or more videos at one time. The high efficiency can save you much time.
  • The AVI to WMV converter is 100%free,100%clean,100%safe.It is the best choice for audio and visual conversions.
  • This AVI To WMV Converter is more professional.All the software is researched by IT professors with lots of investment and all has been tested for many times.
Operating Steps:
  • Addthe AVI files.Launch MediaConverter, and add the concerned AVI file from the source panel by clicking on the "Video" tab on the left. You can also drag the input file into the manager list.
  • Choose the WMV format as the output file.Click on "Select Output" on the right and choose the "Format-Saved to Hard Drive" option to select the WMV format in which you want the WMV file to be converted from among H264 AVI, MPEG AVI or MJPEG encoded AVI. Click on "Done" button.
  • Convert the files.Click on "Start" button on the bottom to initiate the conversion process. You can also choose your desired option to acknowledge the procedure's completion after clicking on the arrow next to "Start" button. A progress bar will track the conversion progress, and indicate when it's complete.

AMR to MP3 Converter is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems such as Win8, XP,Windows 7, Vista, 2000, 2003, 2008, 32 and 64 bit and Mac.AVI To WMV Converter sets AVI to MP4 converter,MP4 to AVI converter,MP4 to WMV converter,AVI to DVD converter at an organic whole.

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