How Can You Convert AVI to WMV Format

Are you annoyed that your video device can only support one or two formats of videos.Are you imagining that you can enjoy videos of WMV formats with your video device which can only support AVI format before?AVI to WMV Converter can help you realize your expectations.AVI to WMV Converter is a professional converting software that it can not only convert video from AVI to WMV format and from WMV to AVI format but also can realize almost all formats of video, such as AVI to DVD converter, WMV to MP4 converter, MP4 to AVI converter,MP4 to WMV converter etc.With this all-powerful converter, you can enjoy any format of video you like.

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On the Internet,you may see many other free converter software.You should pay much attention on this situation.Will they damage your computer or the files on your computer?Are they clear enough that they will not bring additional effects on your computer?Choosing AVI to WMV Converter Ultimate, we can give you a promise that our software is 100% clean, our AVI to WMV converter will not bring your computer any additional bad effect and the most important one is our professional software is user friendly.Just three steps, the software can help you finish the converter.It is very easy to operate.Now, I will take an example to illustrate the operating steps to you!If you want to convert AVI to WMV format, you can do as follows:

Step1: add AVI files.Download AVI to WMV Converter Ultimate and install it in your computer.Click Add Files to load your AVI format of video.Another way may be more simple for you.you can drag your AVI files to the main display window.
Step2:choose WMV as the output formate and destinate the output folder.
Step3:start the converter. All the three steps can be operate easily!

With AVI to WMV Converter Ultimate,your laptop and mobile cellphone can also be an all-powerful device.AVI to WMV Converter Ultimate sets MP4 converter,AVI to MP4 converter,WMV converter,MP4 to AVI converter,WMV to MP4 converter, AVI to DVD converter at an organic whole.


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